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“It’s not about how much you do, but how much love you put into what you do that counts” – Mother Teresa

Are you ready to open the door to your brighter future?

From the youthful age of 18, I was one of those lucky people who knew what career path they wanted to be on. For me that happened to be teaching. For 25 years I worked my dream job – teaching deaf children and blind children.

 Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine doing anything else! And neither did I think I was capable of doing anything else. In 2011, life had become chaotic! Juggling work, kids, childcare, mortgages, bills etc etc was far from the balanced life I desired.

The job I had once loved had only increasing pressures. But what other options did I have? None, as far as I could see, through my tainted narrowminded glasses. Part-time teaching meant part-time salary and that wasn’t going to deliver peace of mind. Then out of the blue a friend asked me to take a look at a completely different way of working….

That day the door of opportunity, freedom, flexibility and positivity opened… and life was invigorated again…that door can open for you too… let me take you through it, hand in hand.

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